Monarchy, lese majeste and 3G

19 01 2010

There are several stories in the English-language press today that warrant consideration, each related to the monarchy.

The first is an article in The Nation (19 January 2010) which shows the impact of continued international criticism of lese majeste. PPT is not entirely sure that the author is asking for a better enforcement of the law or something else. It is certainly fallacious to argue that the law protects freedom of speech. Likewise is irresponsible to consider the lese majeste law to be simply a phenomenon of the red-yellow split and “others” using the law. It has long been a law well-used by repressive governments. Bangkok Pundit has a long and useful comment.

The second story is in the Bangkok Post (19 January 2010) and relates to the Royal Household Bureau having refused to forward the names of the four new members earlier appointed by the Senate to the King for endorsement after a former executive of CAT Telecom, Thamnoon Julamaneechoti, submitted a petition to the Administrative Court and the Royal Household Bureau against the nominees because of the NACC investigation.” Whatever the merits of this case, it is worth recalling that in the distant past the parliament could over-ride a royal block. That is impossible these days.

A third story relates to the king swearing in new ministers (Bangkok Post). He remains in hospital – almost 4 months now.

A final story has well-dressed red shirts showing up at  the offices of the Privy Council, calling on Prem Tinsulanond and Surayud Chulanont to resign (Bangkok Post, 19 January 2010).



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