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21 01 2010

Attack on the army: Bangkok Post (21 January 2010) reports a grenade attack on army headquarters last week. Apparently General Anupong Paojinda’s office was the target, and he wanted to keep the news out of the media: “the army chief ordered news of the attack to be kept under wraps. This news is damaging…. Security is now stepped up for Anupong and Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwon.

Whenever a grenade goes off, the media and military immediately suspects now-suspended Army specialist Khattiya Sawasdipol. He denises his involvement.

Update — see this article in the Nation.

Thaksin nearby: Thaksin Shinawatra is back in Cambodia (Straits Times, 20 January 2010) and he has warned that the double standards of the Abhisit government will leave the country in flames. He again appealed for negotiations (Bangkok Post, 20 January 2010). The expected seizure of his funds next month is a motivating factor. The government and its supporters are unlikely to budge, however, as they foolishly believe that it is only Thaksin’s money that propels the red shirts.

Surayud loses his land: The Nation (21 January 2010) has a long and useful report n the Forestry Department’s order for Privy Councilor Surayud Chulanont to return his Khao Yai Thieng land within 30 days. Also at Bangkok Post (21 January 2010). This will be seen as a victory for the red shirts. However, there was little chance that Surayud would keep his land as the double standard was clear to all. The two reports are interesting reading in that they confirm most of the red shirt claims, including that Surayud got the land as a gift.



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