Abhisit and the royalists

10 02 2010

In a Bangkok Post (10 February 2010) report on the long-known corruption in the police promotions round, mention is made of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva appointing an investigation panel to “investigate alleged irregularities in the promotion of senior officers in police regions 1 and 2.Abhisit seems to now take the view that when there’s a political problem, appoint a well-known royalist. So he’s appointed the palace-connected Police General Vasit Dejkunjorn.

PPT has mentioned Vasit before, in one of our most popular posts, A country for old men, we outlined Vasit’s position as a long-time palace favorite who was once the Chief of the Royal Court Police for the Thai royal family. When the military-backed government wanted to root out Thaksinites in the police, they called in this anti-Thaksin Shinawatra policeman. The Democrat Party in Bangkok also slotted this Cold War anti-communist with extremist right-wing views into a job.

Abhisit appointed another palace acolyte in Mechai Viravaidya to look after all the corruption troubles at the Office for Sufficiency Economy Community Projects. His PR skills and palace connections seem to have moved this corruption of the political stage.

What is Vasit expected to do? PPT would guess that he is meant to make a show of corruption while rooting out more alleged Thaksinites. PPT isn’t saying there isn’t corruption in the police – they are the most vile and corrupt agency of the Thai government – but when Vasit is brought in, there is a political task involved.



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2 04 2010
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