Finance Ministry to give more

27 02 2010
In the Bangkok Post business section for 17 February 2010, a short note appeared with a picture of a couple of celebrities and Finance Minister Korn Chatikavanij, showing off pink plastic wristbands. The note states that the wristbands have been “produced in honour of the 82nd birthday of His Majesty the King. The Finance Ministry will produce 999,999 wristbands to be sold for 99 baht each through branches of Krung Thai Bank, the Government Savings Bank, the Government Housing Bank and the Bank for Agnculture and Agricultural Co-operatives. All proceeds will be donated to His Majesty.

To save readers the effort, this amounts to 98,999,901 baht. This is just one of many ways that the government supports the royals and their “projects.” These kinds of activities are seldom questioned and the use of the donated funds is not subject to any scrutiny.



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