Updated: King gets a political update

8 03 2010

Update: Monday evening’s royal news on television briefly showed Abhisit meeting the king. No recording of any conversation between the two. All it showed was Abhisit in full prostration before the king, where it seemed somewhat awkward that Abhisit’s head was just inches from the royal dog Thongdaeng’s head. Abhisit was invited to be seated, and that was it.


The Nation (8 March 2010) reports that the king “will be giving a briefing by the prime minister … on current affairs amid concern of a possible outbreak of violence at the upcoming red shirts’ mass rally.” The briefing pictures led the later night news reports.

Abhisit Vejjajiva is reported to have “cancelled an afternoon appointment in order to attend the royal audience at Siriraj Hospital.” Was he called? This was portrayed as something out of the ordinary.

As a footnote, it is interesting that a Suan Dusit Poll “said nearly half of all Bangkok residents did not want the rally to take place and one in three said they feared violence would erupt as past mass rallies had ended with bloodshed.” Maybe the fear mongering hasn’t been as successful as the government had hoped.



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9 03 2010
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