Remembering lese majeste

20 03 2010

Two recent posts on blogs at the Australian National University remind us to keep in mind those who are imprisoned in Thailand for the lese majeste [which was the original raison d’etre of this blog].

At New Mandala, earlier this week Nicholas Farrelly wrote a post reminding us of the campaign last year to name the newly-born Australian elephant ‘Suwicha,’ to raise awareness of the detention of Suwicha Thakor.  The campaign was launched because the Sydney Zoo called for public input into the name of the new elephant. This time, the zoo was not so broad in their call for elephant names. Read about it here on New Mandala: “Baby Elephants and Lese Majeste”

At Asia Rights, Tyrell Haberkorn urges people to write letters to Da Torpedo: “Letters Against Repression: Darunee Charnchoengsilpakul, Lese Majeste, and Human Rights in Thailand.”

Both posts stress the tremendous humanity at stake in these cases. Suwicha and Darunee are human, tremendously so … even as the punishments they have faced at the hands of the repressive state have attempted to strip them of their humanity.



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