Updated: Kasit wants free and fair elections for national reconciliation

2 04 2010

But in Burma, not Thailand.

A PPT reader has helpfully pointed out this story, reported by ABC News from Australia, that Thailand’s yellow hued Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya is for “free elections,” and sees them as “important because they could promote national reconciliation.” He adds that Burma’s upcoming elections need to be “free and fair,” while acknowledging that “certain laws that look quite discriminatory, that might have created some difficulty for the national reconciliation” exist.

In fact, most observers agree that the Burmese generals are not going to allow free or fair elections and have attempted to ensure the outcome they want. That’s probably why Kasit doesn’t apply the same logic in Thailand. After all, in 2007, with rules fixed by the military, a huge campaign and lots of loot poured in for the Democrat Party and other pro-military parties, with a military-determined constitution, and more than a year of military-imposed government following the 2006 coup, Kasit’s Democrat Party still couldn’t win. Maybe they need several more years to crush the opposition and then they can try the electoral route?

Update: There’s more on Kasit’s comments here. Not sure he sees the contradictions in his positions because he is blinded by hate when it comes to Thailand.



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