CAPO and its watermelons

6 04 2010

Yesterday PPT posted on the Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order or CAPO. Today the Bangkok Post (6 April 2010) reports on allegations that three military officers posted to CAPO “are being investigated on suspicion of leaking CAPO information to red shirt leaders and giving them support.” These military men have leaked information or ” have appeared on the red shirt rally stage.”

The Post points out that those in the military “who are known to support the UDD are derided within the armed forces as ‘the watermelon army’ – officers who wear a green uniform but have a red heart.”

CAPO was alerted “when red shirt leaders began to talk about details of its meetings on the UDD stage shortly after the meetings ended. The 1st Army recently set up a committee to investigate a major attached to the 1st Division (King’s Guards) for allegedly appearing on the UDD stage.  The officer is said to have close ties with a lieutenant general who is a leading member of Class 10 of the Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School and a classmate of convicted former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.” The investigating panel is also looking at an “army sergeant attached to the 1st Army Support Command for giving a speech at the UDD rally last week. The sergeant exposed alleged irregularities at his agency on the UDD stage.”

It is revealed that some “40 representatives from various military units attend each CAPO meeting.”



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8 04 2010
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