Associations condemn censorship

8 04 2010

The Nation (8 April 2010) Thai Journalists Association and Thailand Cable TV Association reports on a joint statement by the Thai Journalists’ Association and the Thailand Cable TV Association to condemn the government’s blockade of the PTV’s satellite transmission and the closure of Prachatai. According to the report, the  “joint statement said the actions were unconstitutional and double standard law enforcement.” The joint statement says:

1. The transmission blockade of PTV Station and the blockade of access to the website violated Article 45 of the 2007 Constitution. The article states in part as “The closure of a newspaper or other mass media business in deprivation of the liberty under this section shall not be made”.

2. The government claimed the blockade of the transmission and blockade of access to the website were done to prevent distortion of information and prevent dissemination of false information to the public. But the government continued to use state-owned radio and TV station to present one-sided information. The government also allowed other radio stations and another satellite TV to present similar content of state media, which could lead to further rifts in the society. This could lead to criticism that the government was using double standard law enforcement.

3. The blockade of information like this definitely affected the people’s rights to free information. The people affected by the information blockade could come out to demonstrate in a bigger number and could cause the situation to be more complicated and lead to violence.

4. The professional media bodies would like to call on all types of media to carry out their duty to present comprehensive reports by presenting facts and taking the public rights to free information into account. The media should also exercise extreme caution that their reports could lead to violence.

Finally, we hereby affirm that our stand is made in line with the principles of the professional media bodies, which give priority to the public interest with no intention to allow any side to use this statement to create legitmacy for its own.



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