Pravit on censorship

9 04 2010

The Nation’s Pravit Rojanaphruk has written a smart — and chilling — piece in response to the recent censorship of Prachatai, Fa Dieu Kan, and red media sources in Thailand.

Pravit commented that after the order closing websites was issued: “Elsewhere, at the office, staff were frantically trying to unlock the Website, which had gone black but nobody dared enter its office near Ratchadaphisek Road for fear of arrest.”

Pravit further notes that Supinya Klangnarong, one of the founding members of the Thai Netizens’ Network said yesterday that, “We oppose [the move] to censor internet-based media. It’s a mistake for the government to think that this will bring about peace.”

PPT agrees with and seconds Supinya’s statement.  There is a deep crisis in Thailand.  The act of reporting the news has become an act of (necessary) courage.

Read Pravit’s entire piece here: 9 April 2010, “Decree shuts down red media and those deemed sympathetic”



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