Still rallying at Pan Fa

10 04 2010

Believe it or not, after all of the events of the day, tens of thousands of red shirts are still rallying at Pan Fa Bridge (and Rajaprasong). Read the excellent report at New Mandala.

PPT especially noted these comments: “The biggest shock of the night, however, was the missing portraits. You know the ones I mean. (Apologies, but I am writing this from inside Thailand and do not feel like a Computer Crimes charge.) The ones that you can see at least 3 of no matter which direction you look in while you are in the Old City. They had been taken down, leaving behind only empty frames and wooden scaffolding. I dare not speculate what might have been the reason for this- I’ll leave that to you- but I will add that the massive golden banner with his face that usually hangs across the face of one of the buildings had been replaced by a purple one with a with his daughter on it.”



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10 04 2010
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11 04 2010
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