Updated: What now? Ultra-royalism? Democrat Party dissolved?

12 04 2010

Pravit Rojanaphruk has an important post at Prachatai. It begins: “Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva addressed the nation in the afternoon of Monday April 11, 2010 stating that ‘terrorists’ have infiltrated the red-shirt movement seeking to bring about a ‘major change’ to Thailand.” Pravit explains the significance of this: “The new terms: ‘terrorists’ and ‘major change [to Thailand]’ is chilling enough already but could this be a prelude to an all-out allegation in order to justify another brutal crackdown? As I type these words, rumour[s] spread widely about a possible ultra-royalist coup.”

Pravit points out that Abhisit appears to be aligning his language with that of the extreme yellow shirts, “by blaming red shirts for seeking to establish a ‘new Thai state’ as the yellow-shirt People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) and a number of conservative ultra-royalist media have long been accusing then much blood will be spilled…”. In fact, PPT has seen that the ultra-royalist machine has been pumping out all kinds of stories to justify the blood-letting, ranging from “terrorists” to blaming all of the deaths on the red shirts who sought to have bodies to display.

He ends ominously: “I dread to think what may happen in the coming days but what little democracy, liberty and equality Thais have gained as a result of decades of struggle and sacrifice must be assiduously protected. The time to prepare for the worst is now.”

Update: Abhisit is under real pressure. The Election Commission has, according to AP, ruled that the Democrat Party should be dissolved. This brings the military to center stage yet again. How will they deal with this, the blood shed and the massive loss of credibility for the ruling coalition of interests?



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19 04 2010
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