Censoring red shirts

14 04 2010

Readers will have noted that PPT has put up a number of posts on censorship in recent days. It looks like the Abhisit Vejjajiva government is remaining on the offensive in this area of its struggle with the red shirts. Pravit Rojanaphruk at The Nation (14 April 2010) reports on the censoring of red shirt community radio stations.

Pravit points out that “Deputy PM Suthep Thaugsuban ordered a crackdown on all red-shirt media, whom the government accused of spreading misinformation.” He reports that despite “orders nearly a week ago to censor and shut them down,” some red shirt community radio stations are still “broadcasting despite  thanks to loyal listeners, sympathisers and supportive communities coming to their defence.” This is in the face of multiple attempts by soldiers to shut them down. However, it is clear that the government has succeeded in shutting down a number of opposition broadcasters.