Updated: Foreign Correspondent on the monarchy

15 04 2010

PPT earlier posted on this controversial program. It seems to be currently available. We had listed the site, but this might be a safer way to get people to the link: Google for : Foreign Correspondent 13/04/10, and then click the link to get to the download page.

Update: PPT has now watched the show. It will no doubt become a classic. There are a couple of factual errors but it seems reasonably accurate. Our main issue with the show is that it accepts almost all of the propaganda about the king as if it is fact – that he is universally revered, does good works and so on – and uses this to question the credibility of the prince. Thankfully a number of the interviewees are not so convinced.

Surprisingly, there is no mention of the monarchy’s great wealth.

The show included useful interviews with  Chiranuch Premchaiporn and Chotisak Onsoong. And it was especially good to see The Nation’s Thanong Khanthong exposes as a dissembler for the monarchy. In fact, Thanong brazenly lies when he says he never concerns himself with private matters (referring to the prince), when the Nation has been regularly reporting on Thaksin Shinawatra’s personal affairs, and dare we say it, even making stuff up.



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