Updated: The queen visits soldiers

15 04 2010

The queen's so-called private visit (a Bangkok Post photo)

Also available as ราชินีทรงเยี่ยมทหาร

The Nation (16 April 2010) tells its readers that the queen has again shown where her sympathies are. It reveals that the queen “yesterday graciously paid a private visit to soldiers who sustained injuries in last Saturday’s clashes and are being treated at Phramongkutklao Hospital.” What on earth is a private visit? This is a public political statement.

It is usually the prince who is accused of bringing the monarchy into disrepute. PPT thinks the queen is doing a pretty good job of destroying the remnants of its credibility.



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16 04 2010
ราชินีทรงเยี่ยมทหาร « Liberal Thai

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