Updated: Hopes for negotiation

23 04 2010

There have been repeated attempts on negotiation – many behind the scenes and behind the barricades – between the army, government and red shirt leadership. PPT has received some emails from readers alluding to this. Al Jazeera (23 April 2010) has a story that is suggestive of the discussions going on. Excerpts:

“Colonel Sirichan Ngathong, a spokesman for General Anupong Paojinda, said the army chief met with his top military officials on Friday and told them a crackdown would do more harm than good.” [Update: see here]

“Veera Musikapong said on Friday that the group had changed its main demand for the immediate dissolution of the Thai parliament to a 30-day timeframe. But he called for troops’ withdrawal from around the protest site and demanded Abhisit Vejjajiva, the prime minister, to launch an independent probe into an April 10 clash with protesters that killed 25 people, and Thursday night’s grenade attacks.” [Update: see here]

Update: Bangkok governor and Democrat Party member Sukhumbhand Paripatra, who visited the red shirt leadership a few days ago, has called for talks between the government and red shirts. He takes a brave stand – breaking from the yellow-dominated Democrats by observing that: “The only way for the survival of Thailand is by negotiations between the government and the red shirts…”. He called for compromise all round. He even has a useful suggestion: “One way to bring about the resumption of talks is for the government and the red shirts to conduct a joint investigation to unmask the culprits behind the grenade attacks at Silom on Thursday’s night…”. Finally, he expressed regret that the  “government had turned down the opposition’s proposal to set up a parliamentary panel to look into the April 10 violence.” He said this was a “loss of opportunity to work together…”.



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