Newin, monarchy and vigilantes

28 04 2010

The Nation (28 April 2010) reports that Newin Chidchob, the real leader of the Phum Jai Thai Party has expressed his desire “to spearhead a campaign to protect the monarchy and fight the red-shirt menace.”

He believes that if the authorities fail to protect the monarchy, then he is “ready to stand side by side with the people to protect His Majesty the King, the country’s most revered figure…”. Like so many other developments in recent weeks, this is eerily reminiscent of 1975-76 when there were calls for and state support to vigilante action against political opponents. Is this what blue shirt leader and provincial thug Newin is suggesting?

Newin considers it a “sacred duty to safeguard the monarchy and repel any attacks on the revered institution.” Yep, vigilantism.

The report says that Newin, “once the right-hand man of ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, became a royalist after he was acquitted in a corruption case involving a rubber plantation last year.” Miraculous really…. or simply payback?

The report adds that: “Even though Newin has been banned from politics for five years, he continues to play an active role in the party and the government. He also chairs many committees to organise events and ceremonies in praise of the monarchy and gave birth to the blue-shirt movement to protect the Royal Family.”

Newin also attacked Puea Thai Party chairman Chavalit Yongchaiyudh, saying “a news clip aired by Channel 3 last December was proof of Chavalit’s true colours. The clip highlighted Chavalit’s remarks given to former communists, outlining his thoughts on the monarchy…. In the clip, Chavalit pointed out similarities between the prevailing predicament and the 1932 revolution that grabbed power away from the monarch, he said, questioning whether Chavalit was hinting at the past to foreshadow his present movements.”

The murders that were committed in the name of the monarchy in 1976 should be warning enough that such calls are dangerous and essentially fascist in nature.



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28 04 2010
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