50,000 websites blocked by MICT

9 05 2010

According to a recent report on Prachatai, Police Colonel  Suchart Wong-ananchai, Inspector of the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MICT), has said that over 50,000 websites which violate the 2007 Computer Crimes Act have been shut down. According to Suchart,the majority of the sites shut down were related to ‘national security.’

As always, ‘national security’ is left vague — and provides those with power a blanket authority to silence any speech conceived as dissenting.  Given that so much speech is being silence, the question of precisely who the Thai nation belongs to is a pertinent one.

Prachatai reported that:

“The Ministry has set up an Internet Security Operations Centre (ISOC) to do the job, but the centre still has limited power and efficiency.  Its technical ability in monitoring and filtering inappropriate content meets only basic standards.  So it is necessary to outsource and hire consultants and experts in information technology to boost the efficiency of the filtering and increase the capacity of MICT personnel, as well as to make plans to deal with cyber crimes and threats to national security in the immediate and long terms, the Inspector said.”

So the MICT and the (new) ISOC sees monitoring of cyber activities and speech to be a long-term plan.  At PPT, we see the monitoring of this monitoring to be a long-term plan as well.

Read the entire Prachatai article here: 7 May 2010, “50,000 websites shut down, MICT Inspector says”



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