Ji Ungpakorn and red shirts on the current clashes

14 05 2010

The military-backed government of Abhisit Vejjajiva has now deployed army snipers to assassinate unarmed Red Shirt pro-democracy protesters. One woman has been shot dead near the stage at Rajprasong in Bangkok. At least 4 unarmed protesters have been killed in this latest round of army violence.A  Canadian reporter has also been shot. Earlier, Seh Daeng was a victim of an assassination attempt. The Thai elites, the Generals, the Democrat Party and the Palace will stop at nothing to try to cling to power. The Red Shirts are determined to stand firm and fight for freedom and democracy.

UDD leadership statement at 16.13 Bangkok time:

1.      The Government must stop the use of force, cease fire and immediately withdraw troops back to barracks. The Government must end the State of Emergency which has been an excuse to kill citizens.

2.      Parliament should be dissolved immediately, and Abhisit and Deputy Sutep must step down from public office since they have no legitimacy.

3.      Those responsible for the violence, the assassination attempt against Seh Daeng, and the killings of at least two civilians and numerous injuries, must face the justice system, just like the UDD leaders will do because of Government instigated charges.

If the Government does not accept these demands, the situation in Bangkok and other parts of the country will be extremely serious. There is already a Civil War situation.



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14 05 2010
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