CNN on the king and his role

20 05 2010

There has been a ton of rubbish sprouted in Thailand against CNN International and mainly Dan Rivers, claiming he’s essentially sprouting red shirt propaganda. PPT has watched a lot of CNN over the past few days and we’d say these complaints are simply motivated by yellow-shirted hatred of any media that says anything critical of the royalist-military regime in Thailand. We say this because the reporting was, compared with, say, the BBC, more pro-government and certainly produced less controversial clips. However, Rivers has the “biased background” of having reported other “difficulties” for the Abhisit Vejjajiva clique (e.g. the Rohinga issue).

Now, however, the CNN’s US-based network included this report, which is bound to send the royalists ballistic. It isn’t fantastic journalism, but it will be seen as horrendous for the monarchy.



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21 05 2010
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