Further updated: Fear and death

21 05 2010

Yesterday PPT posted a note from a reader regarding shootings at Wat Pathum Wanaram and a link to photos, including some from ther temple. We also included a link to the story from journalist Andrew Buncombe, who was wounded by shot gun pellets at the temple. Canadian journalist Mark MacKinnon, who was with Buncombe, now has his account available at The Globe and Mail.

Update 1: Al Jazeera have a video report from the temple:

Watch the government’s still acting spokesman Panitan Wattanayagorn “explain,” implying that it was not the government firing at the protesters. PPT has no doubt that various international media and governments will continue to buy this line.

Update 2: There’s an interesting follow-up on the Andrew Buncombe. Here’s what HoldtheFrontPage.co.uk say:

A British journalist was treated in hospital after being shot and injured while covering the Thai army assault on Red Shirt demonstrators.

Andrew Buncombe, of The Independent, worked for Cardiff-based daily The Western Mail in the mid-1990s before pursuing a career in national newspapers.

He had been filing eye-witness reports on the disturbances in Bangkok when he was hit in the leg by a series of shotgun pellets.

In a series of Tweets, Andrew revealed that the pellets has “buried themselves deep – perhaps three inches – into the flesh.”

He eventually took shelter in a Buddhist temple before being conveyed to hospital by ambulance.

Andrew also disclosed via Twitter that he had “respectfully declined” an offer from the King of Thailand to pay for his hospital treatment.

Two journalists, one from Italy and another from Japan, have so far been killed covering the disturbances.



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