PAD, multi-color, pink and no color are all the same

1 06 2010

Readers might remember that not long before the bloody crackdown on the red shirts, the government suddenly had supporters rallying claiming first to be pink shirts and then no color and finally multi-color. The line pushed by the mainstream media was the fairytale that these groups were independent and peace-loving. The obvious relationship of these groups to the yellow-shirted People’s Alliance for Democracy was covered up or barely mentioned.

That dissembling continues as the royalists – and that is what they are – seek a crushing victory over the hated red shirts and all associated with them. Hence the Bangkok Post (31 May 2010) reports on a PAD lawyer filing a petition with the Election Commission “seeking the dissolution of the opposition Puea Thai Party and the banning of its leader and executive committee members from politics.”

Alleged “human rights” lawyer Nitithorn Lamlua, says that since April this year Puea Thai leader and executives “had collaborated with convicted former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra and core members of the anti-government United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) to violate the Political Party Act of 2007 … [and] had told the red-shirts at various UDD rallies to break the law, including setting fire to government offices.”

At the same time, the “anti-UDD multi-colour group” – a branch of the royalist PAD –  “submitted a petition to Senate Speaker Prasobsuk Boondej seeking the removal from office of three Puea Thai MPs for allegedly violating the constitution.” That group of so-called multi-colors was led by PAD member Tul Sitthisomwong. “Their petition was signed by 22,100 people, and copies of their IDs were attached. The petition alleges the three MPs violated Articles 164, 270 and 274 of the charter by attending and speaking on the stage at the red-shirt rally at Bangkok’s Ratchaprasong commercial district.”

Remarkably, they blame the MPs for all loss of life and damage caused by the military’s crack down on the red shirts. As was the case in 1976-78, when the looney royalists are in the ascendant, politics becomes increasingly right-wing and partisan.



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