Lese majeste wrangle

7 06 2010

The Bangkok Post reports that Matichon has filed a suit against ASTV/Manager’s website operator, a columnist and an editor for articles alleging that Matichon was disloyal to the throne.

The complaint by Matichon refers to articles on 27 and 28 May “that suggest Matichon was involved in a conspiracy to overthrow the monarchy…”. The six accused are claimed to have violated the Criminal Code, Printing Act, and the Computer Crimes Act. Matichon insists the “articles were untrue and the six parties intended to defame the company.”

The first hearing is expected to take place on 2 August.

The accused said they would defend the charges, saying that the “articles only questioned Matichon’s news analysis and questioned whether it touched on sensitive subjects related to the monarchy.”

One of those charged explained that drawing a “parallel to the storming of the Bastille prison in 1789, which ushered in the French Revolution” was questionable because “the event was associated with the overthrow of the French monarchy…”. Likewise, Matichon’s use of details from the overthrow of Nepal’s monarchy was questionable he said.

You get a pretty good idea of how rabidly royalist the people at ASTV/Manager are when discussion of the French Revolution is construed as disloyalty to the Thai monarchy.