Accounts of the dead IV: killing medics

8 06 2010

Readers may recall that PPT posted a story on 28 May regarding the shooting death of Kamolkade Akkahad and Akkaradej Khankaewat at Wat Pathum Wanaram on 19 May. Their deaths, along with at least 4 others, have been controversial because, despite considerable evidence, the military and government denies any responsibility for these murders.

Most recently, Army chief Anupong Paojinda has demanded that the media stop blaming the military for their deaths, even when there are eye witness accounts available (see PPT’s post here, at 23 May.

The Bangkok Post (6 June 2010) has a story that begins with Akkaradej’s autopsy report. It states that he was shot 7 times, with two shots to the brain and a further head wound.

On 19 May 2 of the 6 volunteer medics at the temple died from gunshot wounds and another is reported by the Post to have been wounded.

Akkaradej “was the fifth person killed trying to rescue others” according to another volunteer. He says that on “the morning of May 19, three red shirt protesters had been shot near Chulalongkorn University at a bus stop while trying to help retrieve the body of a protester who had been shot early into the crackdown. Photographs of the incident show the men were unarmed and that their hands were up in an effort to signal soldiers to not shoot.”

Earlier, on 15 May, it is reported that another volunteer medic from the “Por Tuek Tung Foundation, was shot dead while he held up a Red Cross sign and edged along the side of a building.” On the 14th, a “uniformed medic from Ruam Katanyou Foundation was killed by gunfire while sitting in the back of the foundation’s ambulance, which was parked at The Miracle Hotel on Soi Ngam Duplee. Witnesses claim soldiers fired upon the medics from 10 metres away, while the unit’s leader held up his hospital card beside the ambulance. The troops’ commander allegedly accused the medics of throwing objects at them, a claim which the unit of medics, who on April 10 had treated wounded soldiers, all deny.” Yet another “uniformed 25-year old medic was reportedly shot dead by soldiers on that evening on Soi Rangnam.”

Many believe that “medics were targetted, perhaps as a message to violent elements that if they were hurt, there would be no one left to save them.”

The Post reports states that government and military denials “conflicts with photos and videos put forward by Puea Thai, as well as eye witnesses inside the temple compound and admissions by military members printed in this paper that a group of special forces were on the Skytrain tracks.”

One medic, still fearful for her life, wanted justice for her fallen comrades: “Please give them justice. We have no weapons, we only know how to stop bleeding. We help all sides.”



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