Updated: Somyos to be released

12 06 2010

The Bangkok Post (12 June 2010) reports that detained activist Somyos Prueksakasemsuk is likely to be released soon. This follows the Criminal Court’s rejection of  the Centre for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation’s (CRES) request to detain him for another seven days.

At present, 32 other red shirts remain in custody for “further questioning” under emergency rules.

International pressure seems to have had some success in Somyos’ case, and that’s good news for him, but can it help the others detained, charged and sentenced. There’s a list of 417 of them, but this seems like an incomplete list.

Update: On the list of detainees, Asia Times Online makes these chilling comments:

Three weeks since the military moved decisively on May 19 against the UDD, a crackdown against the group’s leaders, organizers and supporters has widened, with an emphasis on areas of the country that remain under emergency rule. According to diplomats and human-rights advocates, it is unclear how many people have been arrested and detained, and under what conditions they are being held. The government has acknowledged holding over 400 people; one local rights group claims as many as 100 people have gone missing since May 19.

“We believe that more have been detained than the government has acknowledged and that the army has let it be known that they plan on doing things their way. And the army has a long history of disappearing people in Thailand,” says one representative of an international rights organization. The rights representative contends that the military and police are keeping two separate lists of detainees and that crackdown in the provinces is a “black box”.



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