Now for the migrant workers…

16 06 2010

After dealing with the challenges of “terrorists,” Marxist-Leninists and republicans, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva now has time to turn his attention to another group seen as a threat to royalist Thailand: illegal migrant workers.

Authoritarianism combined with racist xenophobia is a heady mix on the road to Thai Fascism, but Abhisit remains determined not to let any obstacle stop the descent into this state. According to the Irrawaddy, he signed “an order on June 2 calling for the establishment of a ‘special center to suppress, arrest and prosecute’ alien workers who illegally entered Thailand and are working underground.”

According to the report, the “Human Rights and Development Foundation (HRDF), a labor rights group, the ‘Order of the Prime Minister’s Office No. 125/2553’ will impact up to 1.4 million migrant workers from Burma, Cambodia and Laos who are currently working in Thailand illegally.”

Once a government – and especially one that was born of a coup – tastes suppression and repression, it is like a narcotic drug. That government just wants more power to repress. Abhisit proves this. He’s become a proponent of all kinds of illiberal politics.



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