Kasit and lese majeste

18 06 2010

PPT has added Kasit Piromya to our list of Pending Cases of lese majeste. We have done this because he is the subject of a Puea Thai Party complaint to the Crime Suppression Division of alleged lese majeste.

Kasit is alleged to have made offensive remarks about the monarchy in his speech at Johns Hopkins University in the United States on 12 April 2010. The matter was raised in parliament by Puea Thai Party member Chalerm Yubamrung in May 2010. Puea Thai accused the government of double-standards on lese majeste, saying that no legal action had been taken against Kasit despite the “clear evidence” presented by Chalerm.

PPT understands the double standards argument and the political point being scored but notes that the use of lese majeste accusations are blunt instruments. We think the claim is ill-advised and that the party would be better served by attacking the use of lese majeste by the government for its own political purposes.



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