No double standards here

20 07 2010

Well, yes, there are, and they are seen every single day in Abhisit Vejjajiva’s Orwellian Thailand. Here’s the latest, from the Bangkok Post.

The Election Commission is sitting on Constituency 6 Puea Thai candidate Korkaew Pikulthong’s recorded speeches. Recall that he is in jail as a red shirt leader charged with the political crime of “terrorism.” He recorded the three 3-minute speeches several days ago. As the Post says, “The recordings are Mr Korkaew’s only means of communicating with voters in the capital’s Constituency 6…”.

However, the good folks at the EC are vetting them. Why? Because they want to censor them!

Commission member Praphan Naigowit stated “the EC must listen to the recordings carefully to ensure they only introduce the candidate and outline his policies. They must not violate any election laws or the emergency decree.” The man is in jail, won’t be released and he can’t even get his recorded speeches out. So who wants to win this election at any cost?

The Post states that the speeches “were recorded on July 16, [and states] Mr Korkaew went beyond introducing himself as a representative of khon suea daeng (red shirt people) and outlining his policies. He accused the Abhisit Vejjajiva government of failing to tackle corruption, applying double standards and using violence against red shirt protesters to end their rally in May.” Sounds entirely reasonable to PPT.

Any rational reader gets the picture. Korkaew might just win, so shut him up and keep him jailed. This probably has something to do with Abhisit’s respect for the rule of law and democracy, defined in ever narrower terms that mean rule by emergency law and oxymoronic “authoritarian democracy.”



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25 07 2010
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