Yet another lese majeste case

21 07 2010

Lese majeste cases are piling up under the Abhisit Vejjajiva regime. Bangkok Pundit has this:

“Right now if you go to the Department of Special Investigation website, the lead item in a red and bolded font is the word “Wanted!!!” (“ประกาศจับ” !!!). Linked is a four page PDF with 12 photos of the wanted individual and their details. Next to the photos is the term “นรกจะกินหัว” which literally means “hell will eat your head” or in more normal English “rot in hell”. No prejudging there by this law enforcement agency. We have details of the arrest warrant.

What is the crime? Is he a terrorist? A murderer? A rapist? A pedophile? Well, much worse. The arrest warrant has been issued for lese majeste and computer crimes….”.

BP is correct to question the DSI. As PPT has mentioned many times, the DSI has become the regime’s political bully boys led by an ambitious and rabidly royalist and right-wing Tharit Pengdit. A politicized bunch of thought police seeking out enemies of the state – read Abhisit’s regime and the monarchy – are just too dangerous. They need to be brought under control, but that is unlikely to happen when the premier is happy with their Gestapo-like “work.”