Letter from Jaran Ditapichai

22 07 2010

PPT has received this letter from Jaran Ditapichai, and wishes to post it to make it as widely available as possible:

July 19,2010

Dear Friends of Human Rights and Democracy,

On the two month anniversary of the Army’s crackdown, I Jaran
Ditapichai, a UDD leader, and a former National  Human Right
Commissioner of  Thailand would like to thank all the persons and
organizations such as the Asian Human Rights Commission, Human right
Watch, Amnesty International, International Crisis Groups,
International Committee of Jurist  and others for their universal
condemnation of the Thai Government’s handling of the dispersal in
April and May where 90 deaths and over 1900 persons were injured.

While Thai Government present a new reconciliation plan to heal the
scar of the dispersal to the world, UDD leaders such as Vira
Musikapong, Nattawut Saikuer, Kokaew Pikulthong, Nisit Sintupai, Weng
Tojirakarn, Kwanchai Praipana, Vipootalaeng Patanaphumthai   and Jenk
Dokjik,  are still being detained after arrest and face the legal
double standard by not receiving bail as compare to those who seized
Suwannaphum Airport during 2007 who were allowed bailed after arrest.
And still there are over 300 of UDD provincial leaders arrested with
800 arrest warrants on notice nationwide.

For the past 2 months, the situation in Thailand has not improved but
it is getting worse.  The Government still abuse its power by using
its legal proceeding to continue the Emergency rule for three more
months. They arrest  those with different political point of view by
freezing over 106 persons of their asset and invite 83 Thais to audit
their financial transaction. At the same time, the Government was
criticized by deceiving the world  by creating 5  committtees of
political-media-reconciliation and reforms  which are composing by
the persons  who are PM Thaksin’s enemies and enemies of  red shirts

By doing such actions, it is impossible to reduce tension in the
current political arena. At the mean time, Thais are still resisting
the government’s continuation of Emergency Decree with seminars,
discussion and declaration to stop the government’s violation of human

Besides, during the past 2 months, there are report of violent
incidents such as bombings which, regardless of who did them, show
that as long as Government use deceit, law, and Emergency Rule to
destroy the Reds and democratic groups, these type of situation will
happen and  cause more violence. To lessen it, Abhisit must suspend
Emergency Decree, bring back the previous reconciliation plan by
dissolve Parliament, hold general election  on Nov 14 which all
international communities’ had previously support. Then there will be
a true reconciliation in Thailand.


Jaran Ditapichai



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