New report from People’s Information Center

30 07 2010

PPT has recently read the new report from the People’s Information Center/ ศูนย์ข้อมูลประชาชนผู้ได้รับผลกระ ทบจากการสลายชุมนุมกรณีเมษายน-พฤษภาคม 2553 about the conditions faced by UDD detainees being held under the Emergency Decree around the country. The report has been posted in Thai and English summary on Prachatai.

Detainees are facing significant abrogations of their rights. For example, there are reports of forced confessions and coercion:

“One man said that he had been persuaded by police to confess to involvement in the burning down of the provincial hall in exchange for minimal punishment, but when he confessed, he was charged with committing crimes. Another said that police had told him that if he did not confess to burning down the provincial hall, he would be in jail for decades.  So he did.  Others said they had been physically forced to confess by police.”

PPT urges readers to read the entire reports, and pass on the information. Raise your voices against the oppression of those who are detained unjustly and without necessary, basic protections!



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