How I got arrested by the DSI (Part 2)

6 08 2010

Citizen Right’s Suppression to Pruay Salty Head (Part II)

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On July 28, 2010 at 12:15 p.m.

Translated into English by: Doungchampa


Episode II : How did they investigate me?

***for this episode, if you have been reading and felt that it will create any further risks or difficulties to Prachatai, I authorize Mrs. Jeeranuch and her team members to delete this post. Our brothers and sisters friends can also follow my writing at web site.


After driving for a while, we arrived at the DSI Building. The officers leaded me walking upstairs.

Initially, he would like me to wait at the Leader’s office. I waited in front of that room. The rest of the officers went separately to their own cubicles or offices. I did not know where to go. So, I stood awkwardly over there. I did not know what to do. So, I looked at the sceneries outside.

It was starting to rain and the dark clouds began spreading throughout the entire sky. However, at the far side of the front horizon, there was a ray of golden sunshine penetrated through the dark clouds. It was magnificently beautiful. I grabbed my mini digital camera from my pants’ pocket, in order to take some photos. Within a moment, an officer walked directly toward me. He saw that I was taking some photos and asked me regarding what I had been taken. I told him that I took the pictures of the clouds, because they were amazingly beautiful due to the golden ray of sunshine. A few officers walked passed by and also accompanied me to view the clouds and sceneries. I did not tell them regarding what my thoughts were when I had seen these clouds.

Even the darkness covered the sky entirely; there was still powerful golden ray of warm sunshine penetrating through the clouds. The widely boundary of truths that someone tried to throw the dirty mud on, could not do these to all of them. There had to be some places that the ray of truths could penetrate these dark clouds and finally reached the earthly ground.

The leader came out from his office and starred at the clouds that I had been previously watching for just a moment. Then, he called me to go inside the room. Afterward, he called another police officer and told him that this was it! We’d gotten him, Mr. Pruay. We would like him to logon to Prachatai and web sites. That police officer pretended to show his innocent face and asked me whether I was the person who posted the information. I told him, ‘yes.’ He, then, asked me whether I was a web administrator. I told him, ‘no, I was just a regular visitor and poster.’ From then, they went to discuss of what the next steps should be. What I meant was that, what office I should be brought in to use the computer.

For a moment, the officer, who seemed friendly, walked toward me and informed me to go to another room. They planned to do the questionings and interrogations over there as well. Then, I followed him.

When the door was opened, there was no one inside the room. That officer turned his face and told me that I should not be afraid. Everyone in this room was all Red-shirt supporters. I smiled and said nothing because I used to hear these types of stories. It was not related to the “red tomatoes police”, but it was about the police officers who used their psychological tactics during the interrogations. So, they would like us to feel that they were on the same side and could talk about anything. However, I had been thinking of the similar scenarios regarding what I should do if I had been arrested. I had been thinking that no matter of what would happen, I would tell the truths. Because in the crisis like this, if I was untruthful, I would be the one who could not remember of what lies had been told. I purely trusted my own instinct that I had not cheated or murdered anyone. Therefore, I would tell the truths of what I had been doing and would tell all the facts that I could think of, without any hidden agenda.

I thought that even though I might be putting into jail, but one of these days, the truths would be emerging. It would be recorded that, in the year 2010, when the people of Thailand spoke the truths, they would be thrown in jail. If the mastermind would still alive, I would like to see what face he/she would react. Same as today, will there be anyone who bravely say that on October 6, 1976, he/she was the one who hang the students on the tamarind tree branches or I was the one who slammed the students’ corpses with the chairs or I was the one who put the rubber tires and burnt these students? Do we have any brave one who would like to admit these acts?

I asked that officer whether the Leader would censure him. He replied back and said that it was unrelated due to privacy issue. Then, he told me to wait inside this room. He asked me what I would like to eat. I said that it was a good idea because I felt hungry. He asked me again regarding my choices. I informed him that anything would do. So, he said that he would order from the Mc (McDonald’s). Then, I told him to order a cheeseburger for me. He left the room afterward.

I looked around the room, which was the same as general offices. There were workstations adjacent against the wall. When I turned my back to another side, there was the red banner hang sign affixed on the wall labeling with the words, “Dissolving the parliament. Give the power back to the people.” I quickly picked up my camera and took the pictures for my collection.

Then, there were 4-5 officers entering the room. There was a newbie, which seemed to be mastering in computer because he turned on the PC and would like me to logon to Prachatai webboard. It was so hilarious because during this time, ICT blocked all of these websites and no one could even logon. I asked them whether they had any web proxy programs, which I thought DSI would have one. He asked me how I logged on to Prachatai. I told him that my PC was Macintosh and there was one web proxy program that allowed me to sign-on. However, I did not know much about IBM PC because I had never used one previously. However, even though he had the web proxy program, he might not be able to log-on because ICT intensively blocked this website. DSI should have known about the practice.

They tried to log-on for a while without any success. Finally, he said that we all should go to another room because this PC had been blocked and there was no web proxy program.

They guided me to another room. This time, we were able to log-on. He told me to try to demonstrate my log-on to Prachatai webboard. The truths were that all of them knew what log-on and passwords that I had been using because the Leader admitted that my password was difficult to decode because it contained 10 digits in order to decrypt.

From there, he told me to logon to I told him that, there was no longer because the site had been renamed to He wanted me to logon but it was not successful. He asked me regarding my password. I told him that it was the same password because I hated to remember all of them. I tried to log-on several times and the results were unsuccessful. In fact, it was not anything strange during that time because ICT diligently blocked these web sites. I did not know how they did because sometimes, we could not even logon. Many of us might remember of that period because we could not logon to several websites… or it might be because of ….. I had just thought of it….

I decided to tell him that the news regarding my arrest might have been leaking externally. Someone might know of it and deleted my user’s information from the entire system.

The Leader seemed like someone had stabbed into the middle of his heart. He said that it was impossible that the information would be leaking out to the public. He furiously walked outside after finishing his talks. The person who looked like the computer expert told me to give one more try. I tried to logon several times, but there were still unsuccessful. He finally admitted that my user’s information might have been deleted from the system. He told me to try Prachatai one more time. This time, I tried to log-on to Prachatai again. Whatever I was able to logon to Prachatai a moment ago, was no longer working. This officer concluded that this should be sufficient that I could not sign-on because my user’s information had been deleted from the system. All of the sudden, the Leader heatedly reentered the room and asked me whether I told anyone that I had been arrested. I told him that I did not inform anyone. He asked me again how someone knew if I had not told anyone. This was it. There was a person who posted the topic, which should come from some offices or somewhere that I could not recall. But it meant that, DSI could immediately know that who created the new topic and where the replies came from!

In an addition, the police officer who seemed to be the computer expert informed me that, they all knew over here who was Pruay. This was consistent to what the Leader informed me that, he had been following me for a while. They watched me at the office and near by the house. I had been thinking that, they were all fully diligent. I did wonder what would happen if there was no lese majesté law. Would we all have a lot of people unemployed?

Then, he took me back to the same room. My cheeseburger had been waiting over there for a while. They gave me enough time to finish my appetite before starting the investigation. I did not eat a lot because I would like them to finish the case quickly. Think of it like, come on… we should be fighting in the arena very soon.

When I finished eating, they began their investigative procedures by having 4-5 police officers surrounded me. There were also two additional officers sitting in that room as well.

The officer who liked to make a dizzy face began asking the questions. In short, he asked me regarding how many users had been using this log on. Did I know anyone on the webboard? Was I a Webmaster? What duties and responsibilities did I have in the webboard? This type of investigations could be viewed in two ways. First, they would like to know whether we had been organized. Second, they asked to ensure that this log-on was solely belonging to me without any mistakes. As I previously informed that I intended to speak the whole truth. Therefore, it did not matter of what goals they might be, I would like to tell the truth. I told them that this was my own log-on name and no one had been using it, except mine. In an addition, I was just a regular registered visitor.

We finished the technical aspects.

Next, we would discuss on the concepts. Before we began, the officer who seemed friendly took the thick filing document from the binder to show all of the printouts with all the information that I posted at It was the photos of my signature in The Leader asked me whether I posted this picture. I smiled because this should definitely be the picture that the Leader asked me inside the car regarding what picture I had been posting. I asked him back what reason that it seemed odd or was illegal. It was the picture of the Council of National Security had an audience with his majesty, the King. Was there anyone in this country who had never seen this picture before? He did not say anything but asking whether this was my notation. I replied, ‘yes’, was it the truth or what? If there were no King, the persons who initiated the Coup D’etat would not know whom they should have an audience with during the time they started the Coup. Because there was the King, which made them feel relieved. Was it true? No one answered my question.

They continued to flip through the file. There was one item that was published since 2008. Then, he asked me whether this was mine. I told him my goodness! That was since 2008. How could I recall? But this was definitely my name, “Pruay Salty Head.” But if they would like me to give 100% confirmation that I was the person who posted, I could not do it.

He said that it was enough. Then, he asked me to place my signature on the photos that had the members of the Council of National Security had an audience with his majesty, the King.

From there, the Leader began asking me to explain why I thought that the royal institution had involved with politics. I was amused by this question. However, it was the good opportunity that I could express my opinion regarding this topic in front of 5-6 persons in this room.

I said that I did not create this idea. Not because out of the sudden, I would have been thinking that the royal institution would be involving in politics. I read and followed the news. My information was not even surprisingly secretive or anyone delivered them to me from the underground. If he followed the news and had keen memories, knew how to analyze to obtain the logical reasons, had no bias or prejudices, and accepted the truths, he would have been thinking like mine. I warmed up by saying these overtures.

The Leader, then, told me to explain how his majesty, the King had been involved because he would like to know as well. He would be using this information for further analysis regarding how these groups shared the concepts or ideas.

By that time, I felt like the fire had been stormed and ignited within my soul. It seemed like I had been addressing in front of the large crowds at the Royal Plaza, Sanam Luang.

Did you remember that we had a national election in April, 2006? There were several political parties enlisted and registered. However, the Democrats party and some of the opposition parties decided to boycott that election. We had major obstructions because there were not enough votes in some electoral districts. Did you remember how his majesty, the King had been saying?

During that time, several officers looked confused and asked whom that his majesty, the King had been discussing.

I continued and stated that, his majesty, the King had been discussing this issue with the judges. He consulted whether there was anyway to nullify this election because a single party on the election ballot was considered undemocratic, even though there were several minor parties enlisted. Were these minor parties not Thai citizen? In an addition, since you all were the police officers, you had no doubts that any judgments should be investigated based on standard processes and steps, did you? Then, the judgment would be based on procedures. But within only a very short period of time, the court conspiringly declared that this election had been nullified. Was it abnormal? In an addition, Police General Wassana had been sentenced to prison. You all were the police officers and you did not have any emotions or feelings on this?

Then, what’s happened? The voices in that room, started to sparkle for more energies within my soul.

Then what, the night the Coup D’etat occurred, the Council Leaders who had an audience with his majesty, the King had been violated the Criminal Code, section 113. You all were the police officers and you should know. I continued asking whether we were still enforcing this section of this Criminal Law. Was the Coup D’etat democratic? It was not democratic but why his majesty, the King did not mention anything? Why could he bravely state that a single party election was undemocratic and could be nullified, but he could not boldly say that Coup D’etat was also undemocratic?

There was silent in the room.

Oh.. yes, how’s about her majesty the Queen? One person asked.

This one, I gave a chuckling reply.

Yes, had we all ever heard about the National Eye-Opening Day? Certainly, under the police’s regulations, you all should have to dumbly pretend that you had no knowledge of it. That was Sister Bow’s funeral! I continued. Was this Sister Bow die in front of Metropolitan police’s Headquarters? During that time, the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) tried to seize the Metropolitan Police’s Headquarters, right? Then, her majesty the Queen said in the funeral that, Sister Bow was a good person who defended and fostered the institution. Was this still ambiguous? And then, there was the audio clip that Mr. Sondhi Limthongkul publicly announced that he had received it as a gift from her majesty the Queen’s sister.

There was a voice interjected from a police officer who always made a dumb face, that where and when these had been spoken. I replied whether he had not really seen this clip. There were some other officers who looked friendly quickly stated that, it was true that there was a clip. He had seen it before. I continued my statement to confirm the facts.

Then, there were also the criminal cases that the PAD seized the Government House and International Airports that no one could bravely continue the legal process. The Leader quickly replied that, because the government did not transfer the cases to DSI in order to investigate. If the DSI had been the investigator, the case should have been closed long time ago. I remember this phrase precisely. I turned around my face and looked into the Leader’s eyes and asked him, “Really? Will you have enough courage to arrest the PADs?” There were no replies, but only the satiric laughs from the Leader remained.

I continued by stating that, the Thai citizen were not dumb. They knew why the double standards occurred. One side had been chasing, but another side could violate anything without finding guilty and they became untouchable. The Thai citizen easily acknowledged and recognized these types of practices because they were experiencing them in their daily lives.

When the taxi driver drove through the red light, he would be stopped by the police officer. If the Mercedes Benz ran through the red light, the police officer would not stop. Why? Not because the police officer was afraid of the Mercedes Benz, but the police officer knew that there would be powerful and well-connected individuals sitting inside on the back seat of that Mercedes Benz.

It was the same logic why the police could not arrest the PAD’s leaders. People knew. They knew that there were powerful hidden individuals who supported the movements behind the scenes and they were so dominant that the military or the police would have no courage to do anything. I had no clue or knowledge regarding how I provided these examples. They were instinctively expressed.

The Leader said that the information that I provided occurred long time ago. He would like to know how his majesty, the King got involved.

I continued. What military divisions that shot the civilians to their deaths? What military divisions that were sent to protect Prime Minister Abhisit? A few days ago, I saw the pictures from the web board, I saw Lady Jaroongjit sitting on the sofa at the 11th Infantry division of the Royal Thai Army. Why was she over there?

“That might be an altered photo,” the Leader objected.

I did not think so. Who would have been taken it from the back, then, being altered afterward? Etc…

Did I feel relieve that I had been ventilating all? The Leader asked me. I gave a yes reply because I had never spoken like this to anyone else.

“However, it is against the law. Do you know, nevertheless, a country has to have a main institution becoming a national symbol?” I asked him how it could be the symbolic institution when injustice continued occurring. In order to promote peace and reconciliation, the justice had to happen and present first.

This time, I felt like I had been giving a sermon.

I was surprised that we consider ourselves living in a Buddhist country. We orally declare that we all are Buddhists. However, we do not truly understand the causes and consequences. The Lord Buddha said that sufferings should end at their causes. If you did not want the ordinary citizen to criticize the institution but, instead, allowed the institution to interfere with politics, allowed another side to use the institution’s wordings to destroy the opposite side. Then, you came out and chased every critic. I would like to ask whether this would ever finish. Would you be able to arrest them all?

But, the way you posted was totally wrong. Which was -> did you understand that there were the laws to be enforced? Why didn’t you do this way? You spoke like this and you felt relieve. Next time, you did not have to post. You could discuss them with your friends, instead.

My friends are all god-darn yellow-shirt supporters, I informed the Leader. I did not know whom I could speak with. Truthfully, this situation should not even get involved, which was -> I did not have any gain or loss from these crisis.

You all had witnessed my house. I was definitely in the middle-class family. In my life, if I had not been involving with these sorts of things, I would have lived my life happily. I worked and got compensated like any middle-class families. I felt happy. When I got extra money, I would get drunk, go to the pub, get laid, babysitting, shopping. I did not have to pay any attentions what the grassroots ordinary people would live their own lives. This is because I am from the middle-class. OK… Do you want to see the entire population in this country becoming like this by finding the happiness just for themselves?

I ridiculed.

The police officer who always made the dumb face said that…. I had some great ideas.

However, I knew right away of what he would say next. “But it is against the law.”

He did not speak, but I knew this should be the way he had been thinking.

That was, I completely understood them. I did not complain anything for my arrest because after listening what they had been saying for a few times, it seemed to me that they understood the ways it happened. However, ultimately, it would end up with the same reason, which was against the law.

I had been hearing this statement, at least 10 times since the day of my arrest. It did not matter of what I said; they would be arguing and interjecting with only one sole reason. “However, no matter it is, it is still against the law.”

After finished questioning, they released me to go back home and informed me to wait for the subpoena. They would phone me when it would be ready to pick up the peripherals after they finished replicating everything from my sister and mine’s computers.

Afterward, within a week passed, they informed me to go back to get the computers. Next, it would be picking the hard drive, and also the books of Honorary Preedee’s.

One day, when I went to obtain my hard drive, one of the young officers whom I believed to be in the junior grade, walked and accompanied me to the elevator. While waiting for the ride, I decided to chat with him. I commended that it was nice to work here because he was not required to wear any uniforms. He concurred because he could wear the same attire just like business casual dresses that the civilians wore in their regular offices. He also stated that he preferred to wear polo shirts with DSI words embroiled and he had to be careful where he went, especially during this period.

I asked him whether he had to sit and watch the web sites on the computer all day long with this type of duties. I knew because on the day that I tried to logon but was unsuccessful, there were some other police officers ridiculed this young police officer that they should have this guy signed on to it, due to his familiarity in his daily reading works. He admitted that it was true that his responsibilities were to sit, read and watch the web sites all day long.

The elevator bell informed me that I was ready to take a ride. I, then, moved into it. He followed and before I walked inside, he told me that he read my comments and also liked them. However, it was still against the law.

I starred at his face and said nothing until the elevator door closed and began my ride down.

Umm… you are living in this country. You can speak the truths. However, it is still against the law.

Long live Your Highness!

After my arrest incident, I decided to stop posting. I intended to live my life quietly.

However, when I followed these news…….

* Editor Lai Jood was arrested for tying the red ribbon on the pole at Rachaprasong.

* Natee Siwaree was in jail for standing and shouting at Rachapasong by the civilian uniformed police officer, even though it was done within a short period of time.

* A 16-years old student who was carried a sign, protesting the State of Emergency Act at Chiang Rai province, had been thoroughly searched at his house. Then, he was called for further questionings.

I thought that, these were too excessive. I thought that I should reverse my own course and confirm my citizen’s rightfulness. This is, in order to become a citizen of this country; we should have the right and freedom of expression.


This is just a small portion of the events that we have been fighting for democracy, by an ordinary citizen, with normal strategies. This should demonstrate that, even with just these normal strategies, we did not have any freedom of expression in this country.

How will the lack of freedom of expression be the problems for a 60-million plus people in this country?

How will the lack of freedom of expression be the obstructions for further reconciliations in this country?

How will the lack of freedom of expression make this country become twisted and distorted and still continue in this country?

Please follow the next episode without having your heartbeat heavily pounding….

Because this will be a long series………..

Until the freedom and justice appear and present in this country…………..

I wish you, the friends who adore and cherish freedom and democracy, great health and strength to your body and soul and to all kind-hearted friends who always thoughtfully assisted the needy ones ahead of their own.

Have a Great Day!

Pruay Salty Head



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