Updated: Royal treatment for Leekpai and Vejjajiva lads

15 08 2010

Our Sunday story of note this week is a warning for Democrat Party stalwart and former prime minister Chuan Leekpai. His son, who PPT posted on a few days ago, is now covered in The Nation in a way that is reminiscent of the posterior polishing associated with royals. Surabot Leekpai, the newly appointed assistant to the Culture Minister, is getting royal-like treatment by a fawning media that doesn’t even seem to know the word “nepotism.”

Indeed, as the report notes, so gushing has the media been that the 22 year-old Pleum has “been getting more attention from the media than Culture Minister Nipit Intarasombat himself.”

Apparently Nipit offered Chuan’s kid a “position as deputy spokesman on political issues, which essentially means he’s in charge of promoting people who do good and who create standards for good works in society. Surabot can also put forwards ideas related to the ministry’s work to Nipit.” What a job! In the Ministry of Culture it should be a plum because “good” is so clearly defined!

One thing Surabot has decided is to “use clever marketing and celebrities to promote Thai culture and a pride in being Thai.” In other words, the kid is doing what everyone else in this tired ministry for royalist propaganda does.

Not only is Surabot a boy wonder at the Ministry, but he’s a Muay Thai exponent, a “competent musician with a talent for the ranad ek (Thai xylophone),” an artist, and, yes, the only son of Chuan. Being the son of a former premier, Surabot decided a long time ago that he wanted a career in politics and the new job looks like a dream appointment for the lad who has just graduated from Ramkhamhaeng University with a degree in political science.

PPT wonders how many other Ramkhamhaeng graduates got such plum jobs this year. Perhaps just Surabot is so lucky to be a part of the system of nepotism that is operating?

At least Surabot has his political ducks in the right line, for his “plan, which he acknowledges will take time, is to remove the dirt in Thai politics out and replace it with clean democracy, the way it should be.” PPT understands that this equates with weeding out pro-Thaksin Shinawatra types and replacing them with Democrat Party types (ignoring that party’s penchant for nepotism and corruption).

Surabot will have endeared himself to the yellow-hued lot when he explained: “Proper politics should be free from business interests. It’s a vicious cycle. Businessmen invest so they want to get their money back any way they can, which is usually by dominating politics…”.

Surabot is likely to do well because “[a]mong the members of the [new, clean politics] group are friends who are not just capable but also well known. But right now, only Surabot is ready to take the step into politics.” What a great lad! He’s even thinking about being premier in the future! How wonderful it must be to have his pedigree and all those skills. A shining princeling indeed, despite his self-proclaimed “hard times.”

PPT can only imagine how tough it has been…. Of course, beginning a political career embedded in nepotism means that he’ll need to wash off the “dirt” before he can be “clean.”

Update: Somehow PPT missed this story in the Bangkok Post a couple of days ago. In keeping with the syrupy treatment of the Leekpai scion, the Post gets out its polishing rag for the Vejjajiva backsides. It “reports” on “Parit Wacharasindhu, an 18-year-old nephew of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, has not yet decided if he will become a politician like his uncle.” Now that’s HUGE news. He hasn’t decided…. But he’s finishing off at Eton, so a prime ministership must be in the offing.

PPT really has to wonder what is going on with the English-language media. This is just horrible “journalism” and doesn’t deserve space in serious newspapers. Read it an weep for journalism in Thailand’s “free media.”



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15 08 2010
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