Red shirt arrests continue

26 08 2010

Yesterday PPT cited a report by Marwaan Macan-Markar, where he had a comment by the People’s Information Center that made it clear that red shirts were still being hunted down for alleged offenses committed in May 2010.

At about the same time, it was reported that a red shirt leader from Ubon had surrendered to police after being on the run and suffering from the last stages of cancer, requiring treatment he couldn’t access while avoiding the police and military. This was Prayuth Moonsarn, a leader of Ubon People Love Thaksin Group, also known as DJ Num Niranam. He reported in “hospital patient’s garb, reporting to the Ubon Ratchathani police office. He said his condition had worsened since he went on the run and hid in the border forest.”

Further evidence for the continuing hunt for red shirts comes from an AFP report on the arrest of a Briton and his wife at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport as he arrived on a flight from the UAE. The report states that “Keith Wayne Bush, 49, from Manchester was arrested on arson charges … on Wednesday…. His Thai wife, Alisa Bush, 33, was also arrested after she went to the airport to meet him.”

Court-approved arrest warrants issued in Chiang Mai sought the couple “for allegedly trying to burn down a town hall, participating in an illegal rally and inciting unrest…”. They have both denied the charges. This probably means that they go to jail until they agree to plead guilty.

The use of the charge of “participating in an illegal rally” is the most obviously politicized of the charges made here. The simple reason for this judgment is that yellow shirts seem free to rally wherever and whenever they like. The double standard is glaringly obvious.



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24 09 2010

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