Pravit on internet discussion of the monarchy

27 08 2010

There’s a long piece at Prachatai by Pravit Rojanaphruk that’s worth reading in its entirety. Here’s the first paragraph as an example of the interesting stuff he gets into. It isn’t all on the monarchy and lese majeste, but on the potential for democratic and civil space in online discussions:

Despite the continuing state crackdown on some political websites and on-line political posters, the internet has become the most open public space for political debate and discussion about the institution of the monarchy in Thailand. The mainstream print media, often regarded as more open and independent compared to the broadcast media, pale by comparison with the nascent internet news websites, blogs and online political-posting. Increasingly, the hegemonic control by the state and the mainstream media over the idealized portrayal and discourse of the monarchy is slipping and no longer tenable due to the differing portrayals and critical discussions online that simply by-pass traditional media outlets.



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