30 08 2010

The Nation has a brief report on the Abhisit Vejjajiva government saying it will ratify the International Convention on the Protection of All Persons from Forced Disappearance to “raise the standard of human rights protection.”

As prominent human rights activist Angkana Neelaphaijit (chairperson of the Working Group on Justice for Peace) points out, “Thailand does not have a good record on forced disappearance. She pointed out that there are reportedly over 90 cases of forced disappearance in the past two decades…. There were no progress on these cases.” Indeed, as the story continues, “Angkana’s husband, Somchai, went missing six years ago after forced abduction by the police. Up until now, the fate of her husband is still unknown even though he was presumed death in March 2004.”

Somchai’s case was one of those nominated by Abhisit as being on his agenda for solving. After a couple of weeks of media publicity, it slipped on the government’s radar. PPT wonders if the cases of the missing red shirts following the government’s crackdown on 19 May will become additions to the list of Thailand’s political disappeared. The government seems unconcerned about these leaders, whom they said were in Cambodia. That suggests that the government and military know more than they are saying.



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9 09 2010
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