Updated: More on Viktor Bout

30 08 2010

The Bout story continues to develop. The New York Times has more background and current information, including a link to Bout’s website.  Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya is traipsing about the world in his “war” with Thaksin Shinawatra, he found time to demand that the US and Russia “respect its [Thailand’s] justice system, its integrity and procedures involving the Thai Court’s ruling to extradite Viktor Bout…”. He added that “said that both countries should not have used Thailand as a venue of debates.”

Kasit Piromya

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has also talked of the “independence” of the judicial system and has said that the government cannot intervene or interfere with the Bout case. His claims are now in tatters and the Democrat Party is scrambling to cover up.

Well might they make such claims about fake independence of the judiciary because the Democrat Party must be desperate to cover up its role, through Abhisit’s aide Sirichoke Sopha, in seeking to drag the Bout case into local political vendettas. Worse, the government has threatened its relationship with both major countries for the local vendetta.

The Democrat Party has an extensive wing, including amongst ministers, that is heavily yellow-shirted, and it is these zealots who are responsible for the mess on Bout. Their hatred of Thaksin seems to trump every other consideration as well as logical thought.

Update: The Bangkok Post has a very interesting story that includes more on Sirichoke. He has come to his own defense, insisting “his controversial meeting with the Russian arms dealer would not damage Thailand’s relations with Russia and the United States.” Even if he is supported on this by Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban, it seems way too late for that kind of claim!

His view is that: “I met Mr Bout because I needed some facts and I was doing my duty as an MP. The meeting will not affect Mr Bout’s court case…”. Meeting Bout as if he was a jailed constituent? How novel.

He seems in trouble, though, claiming that Suthep “was well aware of the situation,” but also saying he would “clarify his meeting with Mr Bout to all Democrat MPs.” At the same time, Suthep jumped to Abhisit’s defense, saying that: “The prime minister is a politician with clear principles. Whatever his close aides do will not have an impact on Mr Abhisit…”. Yet another rash claim. Abhisit is now deeply embroiled in this dark maneuvering.



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