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1 09 2010

There have been several reports in the international media of late regarding the regrouping of red shirts and their political plans and aspirations, including the BBC report PPT posted on a few days ago. The New York Times now has such a report, worth reading.

Colonel Sansern Kaewkamnerd

It begins by contradicting Colonel Sansern Kaewkamnerd from our earlier post today, where he claimed no persecution or hunting of red shirts. The NYT refers to “a huge poster carries the photographs of 76 people being sought in an attack on the [provincial hall] building [in Udon] three months ago, on the day the anti-government ‘red shirt’ protests were crushed in Bangkok.” It says only 11 have been apprehended so far, and adds that “[s]cores of people are in hiding, many of them sheltered by a mostly sympathetic population. Scores more, arrested at the scene, are being held without bail.”

It goes on to say that in this area “the government appears to have made little headway in calming or winning over its opponents,” that the Abhisit Vejjajiva government “says red shirt leaders are continuing to plot violence,” and mentions “a nationwide campaign of censorship of opposition Web sites and radio stations, [where] the government has shut down 46 local stations here in Udon Thani Province. Public gatherings of more than five people are forbidden.” In this atmosphere, “critics of the government have retreated into silence.”

The resentment of the government is clear and this comment by a dry cleaner seems on the money: “Now the poor people are learning the truth, and that makes the rich unhappy. When people become clever, that means it will be more difficult to govern them.”



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6 09 2010
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