Further updated: Jaruvan to Thailand’s rescue

9 09 2010

The Nation has a revealing story – some  might just say bizarre – about Khunying Jaruvan Maintaka. She’s the one who claims to still be auditor-general despite reaching retirement age and having previously appointed a replacement. She is still refusing to leave the job.

She has now explained why she is holding onto her seat with such grim determination. Her public statement claims Jaruvan has no “personal interest” but is wanting to continue “in order to protect the assets of the land at a time when the country is not peaceful…”.

She adds: “It is worrying that our Thailand is being treated mercilessly by people who have no good intentions towards the country. I intend to maintain the status of the Office of the Auditor-General as an organisation to protect the country’s money and interest. I will remain loyal to the monarchy until my last breath…”. Jaruvan explains that the “post-coup order by the Council for Democratic Reform had called on her to serve as the caretaker until her successor was appointed.”

It is remarkable that Jaruvan has such a view of her own significance in defending the nation and monarchy. One might think it slightly unhinged. However, she is supported by a range of yellow shirts. Her lawyer is Suwat Apaipakdi who is said to be “close to Sondhi Limthongkul, co-leader of the People’s Alliance for Democracy…. He has acted also as lawyer for yellow-shirt leaders in many legal cases.”

As in her previous successful bid to hold this office – a saga that goes back to 2001 – she is still arguing that she was “appointed under the Royal command.”

An argument could be made that her position as auditor-general has been not just controversial but illegal from he appointment. But she stays on due to her political usefulness to the miitary junta, palace and other anti-Thaksin Shinawtara forces. That may remain the case until a “reliable” political replacement can be found.

Update 1: With the new bill on the OAG thrown out in parliament, the logic of Jaruvan’s refusal to budge is clearer. She can stay on and on as long as she wants and the powers-that-be agree with her being there. Forget all the nonsense about constitutionality, for the 2006 coupmaker’s order hold sway it seems.

Update 2: Now the courts have supported Jaruvan by nixing an attempt to have a ruling on her status.



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