Updated: Reconciliation is about the monarchy

9 09 2010

There have been several reports lately of machinations in and around the Puea Thai Party, a possible new party and Thaksin Shinawatra wanting reconciliation and trying to push the Puea Thai Party to a “reconciliation” that distances the party from the red shirt movement. Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has been pushing this line on the PTP. Two reports in The Nation suggest that there might be some kind of deal being done, something PPT first alluded to about 4 days ago.

The first story has PTP leader Yongyuth Wichaidit resigning the leadership saying “he wanted to pave way for party restructuring to gear for the next general election.” The Nation, as is its wont, immediately jumped to speculation about Thaksin, saying he “had applied a direct pressure on him to step down to make way for former national police chief General Kowit Wattana to get the job.” Kowit is close to Thaksin, but the important point seems to be this: “Kowit ... is well connected to leading figures linked to the monarchy and the establishment while Yongyuth is advocating the red-shirt movement.”

The second story has Abhisit commenting on a new PTP leader. What traits did he want to see? A leader who “would strive to safeguard the monarchy…”.

It seems clear that the desire to safeguard the monarchy from perceived or real threats remains the number one consideration for the Abhisit regime and its backers. Nothing matters more than this. The national interest is the monarchy for this royalist elite. And it seems possible that, while some of the Thaksin haters may choke on their johk, this paramount interest might just extend to a deal with “the evil one.” There would be a lot of red-faced red shirts if this comes off, but all Thai political leaders are skilled practitioners of the underhanded deal. Let’s see….

Update: Newin Chidchob, said to be the target of yet another of Thailand’s many rumored assassination plots, weighs in on this: “Asked about speculation that Pol Gen Kowit Wattana would become the new leader of the Puea Thai Party, Mr Newin said it would be good for Puea Thai if this was true.  The former police chief is a good man and there is no doubt about his loyalty to the monarchy.”



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