New documents posted

13 09 2010

PPT has added three documents to our Commentary page on Lese majeste and the monarchy. While the quality of the PDFs is not always great, these three, all from 1977, are worth a read:

Chang Kuo Tao, “All the king’s men”, AMPO, 8, 3, 1976, pp. 18-26.

Paul Heiecke, “On the role of the king in Thailand”, Thai Information Bulletin (Paris), No. 13, Nov-Dec 1977, pp. 24-32.

Gareth McKinley, “Knights, pawns … and kings, Inside Asia, November/December 1984, with information on lese majeste and the monarchy’s political role.

Natee Pisalchai, “Village Scouts”, Thai Information Bulletin (Paris), No. 6, January 1977, pp. 10-22, on the notorious state-organized, royal-patronized semi-fascist movement.



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