Red shirts assassinated

19 09 2010

The Australian Links online journal had a report a few days ago regarding the presumed assassination of red shirts in Chiang Mai. On 29 August, a 21-year-old local red shirt activist Krissada Klaharn and his girlfriend Nongnuch Kampor were driving home at about 1.15 am were targeted by assassins.

Krissada had been a guard for “DJ Aom” Kanyapak Maneejak, a popular radio host. He also served as a guard during the Bangkok protests. “Local Red Shirts allege that this yet another extrajudicial killing carried out by the Thai military against their movement. Bullets and bullet casings found at the scene were from a US-made M16A1 military assault rifle used by the Thai military. This is the fourth Red Shirt who served as a guard in the mass protest camp in Bangkok to be killed since May but as yet there have been no prosecutions of their killers. In addition, there have been many disappearances according to human rights activists from the Mirror Foundation quoted in an August 21 IPS report by Marwaan Macan-Markar.”

PPT observes that human rights defenders and organizations have so far ignored such attacks on red shirts, demonstrating their support of the current regime and their failure as human rights advocates.



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