Newin’s pro-monarchist rally a non-event

27 09 2010

Siam Voices is a blog worth following. Most recently, Saksith Saiyasombut has a useful post on the Newin Chidchob-Bhum Jai Thai Party-Ministry of Interior efforts to mobilize so-called pro-monarchy groups prior to the red shirt events on 19 September.

The event was promoted as large and impressive, with loads of pink shirt wearing people marching about with plenty of flags. In fact, while 50,000 people were predicted to participate, the pro-monarchy ASTV/Manager “said only 20,000 came and the national news agency NBT states that only 5,000 showed up…”.

Saksith concludes: “Considering the comparatively mute media coverage in the following days (and since the red shirt protests on Sunday were larger and more significant), this whole occasion was a non-event.”