More on “normalization” under Abhisit’s royalist regime

3 10 2010

PPT recently posted, and only partly tongue-in-cheek, about normalizing Thailand under Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva’s protectorate of royalist rule. More seriously, we noted separately that this regime’s only political strategy is repression.

In this context, Andrew Spooner at Siam Voices has a report that must be read. This report, on the 16 May arrest of political activists, is a chilling reminder that the security forces and the army in particular are a bunch of political thugs. That reminder may not be necessary for many, given the history of the army as the armed element of politically repressive forces and its recent actions in the South, where torture, murder and other illegal acts are common. However, such events are often conveniently forgotten and are always glossed over by other state authorities and even the myopic mainstream media.

The Siam Voices report is an account, “in which the victims … allege that masked Thai Army soldiers pointed rifles at their heads, beat them, threw petrol and oil over them, choked them until they almost passed out and repeatedly attempted to force them to sign false confessions.” Those victims are now serving jail terms or have not been heard from since.

That’s what happens when political repression becomes normal state behavior.

Update: Earlier we neglected to list the Thai version. It is เสียงจากนักโทษการเมือง.



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