Who were the men in black?

5 10 2010

PPT is referring to the 200 armed men in black who occupied an airport parking lot late last week, not the government’s claimed men in black associated with protesting red shirts. PPT’s earlier post is here. Who were they?

Newin Chidchob

Well, we have to say that it is no surprise to find that they are probably associated with Newin Chidchob and his Phum Jai Thai Party.

The Bangkok Post states that the party is “being accused of making false promises to two businessmen to lure them into investing hundreds of millions of baht in a project to manage parking lots at Suvarnabhumi airport.” This comes as  “Airports of Thailand Plc (AoT) announced … it had decided to terminate the concession of Parking Management Co to manage the airport’s parking lots.”

Immediately, former “executives of Parking Management, issued a statement yesterday to explain their role in the company. They claimed they were approached by an aide to a political figure to ask them to invest in the company. The two refused to name the politician or the party to which he belonged, but they said the party had proposed a project to the cabinet to lease 4,000 gas-fueled buses to supplement the ageing Bangkok Metropolitan Transit Authority fleet. This was a clear reference to the Bhumjaithai Party.”

PPT would guess the politician is either Newin or one of his close associates. After all, the airport has essentially been handed over to Newin and his backers in King Power to be milked of profits and other funds for personal gain and political activities.

The businessmen handed over hundreds of millions to get seats with the milking cow that is Suvarnabhumi. They claim to have then been double-crossed. The car park, they say, was “taken over by a group who claimed to be associated with a senior army officer. The group began collecting parking fees without sharing the proceeds with the two businessmen or the AoT.”

Who would not have guessed that an army officer was involved? It is all so predictable. That is also true of  Phum Jai Thai Transport Minister Sopon Zarum’s denial of the allegations. In what might be known as the car park standoff, the AoT chairman sounded military when he stated that the company “would retake control of the parking space on Oct 11…”.

What a shambles.



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