Interview with Chiranuch

10 10 2010

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has an interview with Chiranuch Premchaiporn. Chiranuch now faces multiple charges related to the Computer Crimes Act and lese majeste.

The interview begins with background on her and the cases, with multiple useful links.

Asked about her current situation, Chiranuch says: “it can be very discouraging to be charged for running an independent media to let people voice their opinions and help the minority to be heard. It also made me worried about how my family feels and thus it gave me a hard time managing relationships. I can hardly have a long-term plan in life. Having to report in Khon Kaen once a month is already too much to live peacefully, let alone preparing for trials coming next year.”

On the closing of the Prachatai webboard, she laments its passing, saying it was “an important work of mine, had to be shut down. It was not easy to give up on what I have laid a strong foundation, but the burden on both Prachatai and users themselves had been too much to manage. I felt like we can no longer guarantee a safe and free channel for people to express socially and politically.”



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