Further updated: Government tactless at best

13 10 2010

Over the past few days PPT has been urging that caution – indeed skepticism – is a reasonable approach to the Abhisit Vejjajiva government’s claims regarding red shirts, explosions, “terrorists-in-training” and so on (see here, here, here and here).

Strikingly, it seems that the government has also seen some of the problems associated with motor-mouthed accusations being bandied about. Abhisit has said that “urged security officials to exercise caution while making public statements after Cambodia issued a strong statement denying it was sheltering and supporting weapons training for red shirts. He said ongoing investigations into the activities of the red shirts would continue but officials should not verify and imply any information that would hurt bilateral relations as the probes were not completely over.”

Meanwhile, the commander of the 2nd Army Region covering the area adjoining the Cambodian border “has slammed special investigators for a report claiming Thais received terrorist training in Cambodia. Thawatchai Samutsakhon said yesterday the Department of Special Investigation should have been more discreet and sought to avoid inflaming tensions between the two countries.”

Others are suggesting that the government is talking a lot but showing little evidence. As PPT has said, evidence based on proper investigation would be appropriate. The problem is that the current regime has politicized the investigators.

Update 1: Worth reading Hun Sen’s statements in this report. Abhisit appears to be backing away from the DSI claims, but this may be because of the international relations impact rather than any question on his part about his political police at DSI.

Update 2: It seems our suspicion about Abhisit (above in Update 1) was correct. In a Bangkok Post report, Abhisit “responded to Cambodia’s demand for Thailand to explain the report from the DSI that red shirt militants had received arms training in Cambodia.” He disingenuously claimed that “Thailand had not accused anyone and he did not need to clarify the issue with Phnom Penh. The DSI based its report on facts, although it should be careful of releasing information that concerns another country…”.



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