Privy council assassination bid

22 10 2010

A couple of weeks ago PPT raised the question of whatever happened to the alleged plot to assassinate privy councilor and former justice minister Charnchai Likitjitta. The Bangkok Post now gives its readers something of an answer. It reports that 4 men charged with the “plot” have been found guilty of “masterminding” a plot to assassinate the privy councilor  last year.

Privy Councilor Charnchai

PPT invites readers to look at the story as it appears in the Post and tell us if they understand what happened. Yes, the Samut Prakan provincial court “sentenced Khamik Sukkanchanakat, Thienchai Muangjanthuek, Suchart Sapmanee and Sukree Khaopong to 16 years and eight months each in prison.” And, yes, the prosecutors tell us that there was a failed attempt, twice, to get to Charnchai’s house and shoot him.

But who were these “masterminds,” what was their reason for wanting Charnchai dead, and why were they so hopeless at arranging it? As is usual in these cases, there is a statement that: “Interrogation uncovered the assassination plot and led to the arrest of the masterminds.” PPT is left to wonder about it all.

If any readers have further information, send it along.



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