The king and hospital

24 10 2010

PPT hasn’t commented for some time on the king’s hospitalization. However, the Bangkok Post’s short story on “a crowd of hundreds chanting ‘Long Live the King’,” reminds us that this has been one very long period in a state hospital. The story is of the king making another appearance outside his hospital room at Siriraj Hospital, where he’s been for more than 13 months. The Post says this of that 13 month hospitalization: “His Majesty was admitted to Siriraj Hospital with a lung infection in September of last year and has remained there for physical therapy.”

That is all the Post can say because to speculate on the king’s health and why he might choose to stay in hospital for such an inordinate time would be lese majeste and would land the paper in the courts and maybe some of its people in jail.

It is not clear why there isn’t some statement from the royal household about the king’s condition. After all, this length of time in hospital for “physical rehabilitation” would appear far longer than any medical practitioner would normally expect. In the U.S., one source states that the average hospital stay is 5 days, although 11% of those discharged go to long-term care: “skilled nursing facilities, intermediate care, or nursing homes.”

PPT would surmise that the king, at his age and with a history of illnesses, is essentially in long-term care. The question that arises, though, is this: why isn’t this care arranged at one of the king’s palaces? That would be easy to do for someone in his position. Then why Siriraj for all this time? Is there another reason for wanting to stay there? Psychological? Ideological? We leave readers to speculate about this odd situation.



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