Privy council, courts and the Democrat Party

25 10 2010

PPT recently referred to the friendly puppy-like mainstream media supporting the royalist attempts to save the Democrat Party. That behavior by some media is again demonstrated in the Bangkok Post, where the royalist and yellow shirt opinion page pundit Veera Prateepchaikul again writes  about these video clips being a “set up.” Of course, he presents no evidence for the drawing of this conclusion.

The interesting thing about this new defense article is the way it finishes: “As far as the video clip in question is concerned, it is evident that it was a set-up to discredit the Democrat Party and the Constitution Court. But taking into consideration the other video footage which showed Privy Council chairman Prem Tinsulanonda together with Mr Chat, Supreme Administrative Court president Akrathorn Chularat, Kasame Wattanachai, another privy councillor, and Sumeth Tantivechakul, secretary-general of the Chaipattana Foundation, the picture has become clearer. Clearly, the perpetrators who posted all the video clips on the YouTube webboard have wanted to mislead the public that the Privy Council has interfered with the court in favour of the Democrats. Doubtlessly, the intention is to discredit the Privy Council. The big question is, who will benefit if the Privy Council is discredited or undermined?”

The interesting question is why Veera thinks he needs to write about the role of the Privy Council. To date there hasn’t been much open discussion of whether the Privy Councilors were at meetings with judges in order to secure a particular outcome. Veera’s comments allow for the speculation to emerge from the shadows. When were these photos taken and why were the Privy Councilors meeting the Constitutional Court judges?



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